Deborah Tadema


writer, author, avid reader, reviewer

Deborah Tadema received a diploma in “Short Story and Fiction Writing.” Following this, she completed three levels of a creative writing course. She currently belongs to a writing group and has her work critiqued on a regular basis.

Deb grew up in Port Stanley, Ontario, the eldest of six children. She met her first husband in high school, moved to St. Thomas and had two daughters. Many years later she gained two stepsons when she married her current husband. They have nine grandchildren. Deb and Harold now live near the village of Bayfield.

Aside from working in manufacturing positions, Deb has worked in retail and in a garden center. Now, she spends a lot of time devoted to her writing.

Author of : Break In The Wind, Taken Twice, No Honor Between Brothers and Abandoned Honor.

Coming soon;  Thunder In The Wind and Restless Honor.

Her books are featured in e books and paperback.  She writes exciting stories about romance, erotica, gay, historical, young adult, and fantasy.  Click on each cover photo or the links above to receive a free peek inside.  Also, you can read some of the reviews for each book.  

Book two of the Honor series reveals more Mitch Wilder's secrets.  The biggest one is his son Mark.  Mark is at the age where he is experimenting with his sexuality.  

After Winda is attacked by a bear she falls in love with her saviour.  But they get separated when Lucas takes his furs to be traded and she is kidnapped by an outlaw.  

Mitch Wilder doesn't know why he's addicted to women.   He keeps mistresses in several towns.  All he needs to do is keep his wife from finding out about them.

A short story about a little girl who is taken after an earthquake.  She eventually loves her new life, only to have her real father show up. 

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