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Books by Deborah Tadema

Welcome to my website. Thanks for visiting.  My wish is that you enjoy all of my books.  I've received a diploma in "Short Story and Fiction Writing." Following this, I completed three levels of a creative-writing course.  I currently belong to a writing group and have my work critiqued on a regular basis.  I grew up in Port Stanley, Ontario, the eldest of six children.  And met my first husband in high school, moved to St. Thomas and had two daughters.  Many years later I gained two stepsons when I married my current husband.  We have nine grandchildren.  Harold and I now live near the village of Bayfield.  Aside from working in manufacturing , I have worked in retail and a garden center.  Now, I spend a lot of time devoted to gardening, reading, and writing.  I'm the Author of Contemporary, Historical, Thrillers, and Fantasy.

Books by Deborah Tadema.    Author of contemporary, romance, thrillers, fantasy and historical fiction 

I am proud of my Honor series which features Mitch Wilder as a womanizer.  Each book reveals more of his secrets.  You will meet his wives, mistresses and the hookers he frequents.  Everyone in his hometown is affected by his actions.  Including the son everyone knows is his.  There is also the first murder in centuries.  His step-brother moves into town, too close to the one woman Mitch can't do without.  No Honor Between Brothers, Abandoned Honor, and Restless Honor is just the beginning.  No Honor Between Brothers introduces you to Mitch Wilder, a lying, cheating womanizer and the woman who is in love with him.  Abandoned Honor reveals more of Mitch's secrets.  One is his son Mark, who has secrets of his own.  Restless Honor shows the worst in a human being, and the best.  

Break In The Wind is the first book of a family saga that takes place in Upper Canada in the 1800's.  Grant and Lucas Sievers need the help of the Ojibwas to track down an outlaw who is smuggling guns tot he Americans.  Lucas falls in love with the beautiful Winda, the second wife of the Ojibwa chief.  Grant falls for Carrie, the wife of the most unpredictable outlaw he's ever known.  Coming soon is Thunder In The Wind, which will take the family through the war of 1812.

Taken Twice is a short story that has Amy's live torn apart after an earthquake.  The janitor of her apartment building rescues her for the rubble.  He takes her to Canada where they start a new life.  Many years later her real father shows up.  

Another book coming soon is Bessie, The Monster In Lake Erie.  She can be as gentle as a puppy or as fierce as your worse nightmare.  This depends on where you want to save her or kill her.  

Sex games in the bedroom

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Restless Honor (Someone has a stalker)     Book Three of the Honor Series

Mitch Wilder vows to steal his wife back, knowing that his quest is futile. Claire knows about his other women; the reason they are separated. He must control his rage against his stepbrother, Tom Fleming, for taking Claire away from him. After all, they have to work together, running their shipping company. But when Tom is kidnapped and tortured, Mitch realizes that he loves his brother.

A son has secrets too

Abandoned Honor (Sex addiction and gay romance) is the second book of the Honor series.  In it we find out more of Mitch Wilder's secrets.  He has a son that no one in his home town knows about.  Mark is at the age where he's experimenting with his own sexuality.   He's afraid of what his father will do to him when he finds out that he prefers boys.

Suffering from hopelessness is hard enough for Mitch Wilder to contend with. Remembering to take his medication is a chore in itself. Keeping on top of his secrets and lies is nearly impossible since he's been diagnosed with manic depression. And living three different lives is starting to crash down upon him.

Two alpha men, one lonley woman

No Honor Between Brothers (Erotica and tainted love) is the first book of the Honor series.  Mitch Wilder is a well known womanizer. Yet he has to convince the love of his life to marry him.  Not only because he loves her but to keep his stepbrother away from her.  He finally admits that Darren Hoffman is his son, even though everyone suspected that he was.  

Everyone has at least one weakness. Mitch Wilder’s is women. He has always been fussed over, coddled and protected by them. As a teenager he was the star football quarterback, always surrounded by girls, as he used his good looks and popularity to his advantage. By thirty-nine years of age, he hasn’t slowed down. Mitch still sneaks from bedroom to bedroom.

The Sievers brothers hunt an outlaw

Break In The Wind (Historical fiction and Romance) is a family saga about the Sievers brothers.  Grant is a major in the militia and is ordered to stop a gang who is smuggling guns to the Americans.  He is enamored by one of the outlaw's wives.  Lucas is a trapper who rescues a beautiful Indian lady from a bear attack.  He falls in love with her but they get separated.  When he finally finds her his obligation is to help his brother.  Follow these brothers as they dodge Indian wars and hunt down one of the meanest, unpredictable outlaws that ever lived.

Short story about a girl

Taken Twice is a short story.  Click on the tab at the top of the page to find out more.

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