Break In The Wind

Re write of White Clouds On The Horizon

Book One of the Sievers Saga

Break In The Wind (Historical fiction and Romance) is a family saga about the Sievers brothers.  Grant is a major in the militia and is ordered to stop a gang who is smuggling guns to the Americans.  He is enamored by one of the outlaw's wives.  Lucas is a trapper who rescues a beautiful Indian lady from a bear attack.  He falls in love with her but they get separated.  When he finally finds her his obligation is to help his brother.  Follow these brothers as they dodge Indian wars and hunt down one of the meanest, unpredictable outlaws that ever lived.

Winda escapes slavery only to face Pakwis, the Ojibwa chief, again when she needs his help. She fears that he will want his slave back and she will lose the man she has fallen in love with. But without his help they could be attacked by the Americans who are receiving shipments of a newer and more powerful rifle than the Brown Bess that the people in Upper Canada are using.

Lucas Sievers is a trapper and as wild as the Indians. He drifts between cultures. Many men fear him. Yet, he is gentle and will fight to the death for the one woman who can tame him. As they ride across the country in search of an outlaw Lucas watches Pakwis closely, knowing full well of his feelings for Winda.

Grant Sievers hadn't seen his brother in many years. When they do meet up again Grant is in the middle of an investigation. His main objective is to arrest Dusty Blackman and stop him from smuggling guns across the boarder. But Dusty's wife, Carrie, proves to be a distraction.

Carrie's dream of a romantic wedding is shattered when her father forces her to marry Dusty. He takes her to across the country and leaves her in the wilderness....alone. The only chance she has in escaping from him is with the help of her new friend, Winda.

A Sneak Peek Inside

. A fierce wind blew across the lake and headed westward along the dunes. It followed the river as it wound through the hills covered with pine, spruce, maple and ash trees. Snow and sleet whipped around the small Ojibwa village that nestled in the valley. It was in a territory that the Hudson's Bay Company owned called Rupert's Land, a land that the Ojibwa still occupied as a free people.

Winda sat close to the fire and watched the lodge billow in and out. Behind her, sacks of food and clay pots swung on their hooks. Wind howled through the cracks in the walls. She pulled the buffalo robe tighter around her shoulders and watched the door, waiting for Pakwis to return, hoping that he wouldn't.

“Our husband will not return tonight,” Lanick told her from across the fire. “He has gone hunting.”

Winda put another log on the fire before she looked over at Pakwis's first wife. “He told you this but did not say anything to me?”

Lanick shrugged. “Surprising, is it not? You are his favourite.”

Winda stirred the fire with a stick and watched the flames. “But I am still his slave.”

Lanick let out a snort. “Not as far as he is concerned. He loves you, you know.”

“He has never told me,” Winda shot at her. “Just because he saved my life a long time ago...” she let that hang,

“I can tell. It is you he wants in his bed, not me. And that is my wish; then he leaves me alone.”

“But, you are his true wife, I'm just the one,” she lowered her head, “the one he shares his bed with.” Winda looked back up at the other woman. “I did not have a say in it,” she said with disdain. “All I want is to leave this hateful place and find my true people.” A sharp sting on her face from Lanick's slap made her gasp. Winda put her hand on her cheek and fought back the tears.

“Do not make such talk again,” Lanick hissed as she lowered her hand to her lap and glanced at the door,” he might hear.”

'He is hunting.” “Winda inched away from the door just in case. “He cannot hear.”

They both looked around when a gust of wind rocked the walls. One of the sacks burst open, the grain pouring out. Winda stood up, got a clay pot and held it underneath until the sack was empty. She set it on the ground and then sat back down by the fire.

“Your village does not exist anymore,” Lanick continued, “and just because you did not have a wedding ceremony like I did, does not make you less a wife. Now, you need to go out and get us some more water and firewood.”

Winda glowered at the other woman. “You send me out in this storm?”

Lanick's sneer widened as she crossed her arms under her chest. “I am first wife. You are just a slave. You will obey my order.”


I read this book awhile ago as the first book I had read by Deborah Tadema. She is a great story teller that keeps the story moving and has the reader wondering what will happen next to the heroine. Would love to see more of this story and will certainly read more by this author.  Maryanne McCoy

This writer has a wicked imagination. It's not the type of book I usually read but it has many twists and turns. Certainly unpredictable.  Sandi Plewis

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