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Taken Twice

Books by Deborah Tadema.    Author of contemporary, romance, thrillers, fantasy and historical fiction 

Taken Twice

A Short Story

When an earthquake hits Wichita, Kansas, eight year old, Amy has no choice but to go with the janitor of her building.  Bob convinces her that her father is dead and takes her to a remote village in Canada.  She replaced Bob's dead daughter and becomes Mary.   Mary loves her new life; skiing, hiking in the woods and skating on the pond. Years later a classmate recognizes her picture on a milk carton, advertising missing children. And then her real father shows up.

Customer Reviews   

By P.S. Winnon January 16, 2017
Although a short story, this book packs a big punch. Readers get to meet Amy, who has already lost in her mom. An earthquake separates her from her dad when a man name Bob rescues her, the story twists and turns from there, readers will have to grab it to find out the rest of the story which is one you'll want to check out. well done, although I think the author could really turn this into a full length novel. Good writing and such an interesting tale make this a winner.

By Heidion January 20, 2017
Too short

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