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Port Stanley has a feature that no other town on earth has, its own sea monster.  Bessie lives in a cave on the other side of Picnic Hill and calls Lake Erie her home.  Hidden from those who would harm her, yet close enough that her two keepers can come to her aid when she's in danger.  Mason Brooks didn't realize that he was one of them until he met the man some would call the devil.  Mason had inherited the ring, known as the bloodstone, from his father.  He had never been told about the powers it had or about the connection to Bessie. 

No Honor Between Brothers

Book 1 of Honor Series


Everyone has at least one weakness.  Mitch Wilder’s is women.  He has always been fussed over, coddled and protected by them.  As a teenager he was the star football quarterback, always surrounded by girls, as he used his good looks and popularity to his advantage.  By thirty-nine years of age, he hasn’t slowed down.  Mitch still sneaks from bedroom to bedroom.

Abandoned Honor

Book 2 of Honor Series


Mark Wilder is Mitch's only legitimate son.  After his mother's second husband dies, Mark begins to hope that his parents will re-unite.  If they do, then maybe his father will stick around more.  But the only re-uniting they are doing is in the bedroom.  Neither one seems to want anything more than that.

Mark worries about what his parents will do when they discover his own secret.  That him dating Naomi Palmer is a ruse.  And that all he wants to do is run around naked...with her brother. 

Restless Honor

Book 3 of Honor Series


After Claire Lester-Wilder catches her husband Mitch with another woman, she chases after his brother Tom to get back at him.  She thinks that Tom will be easy to manipulate.  But she soon finds that she has chosen the wrong man, again. 

A Son's Lost Honor

Book 4 of Honor Series


When Darren Hoffman tells his drunken father where to find his wife, he’s unprepared for the backlash it causes.  Things go from bad to worse after he’s seduced by a hooker.  Darren fears he may lose his wife over it.  

Mitch Wilder's quest to get his wife back turns into an obsession.  He becomes desperate when more of his lies are unveiled.  When he catches Claire with her lover, Mitch becomes violent.  And the only way he's with a bullet.

Sacrificed Honor

Book 5 of Honor Series


Mitch Wilder knows his days are numbered.  And all because of one man.  Things start to turn for the worse when Ontario Provincial Police Detective Neil Cleary starts to dig into Mitch's life.  Now all his secrets, lies and cover-ups are surfacing. 


On top of all that Mitch is still battling his demons.  He's charged for raping one of his mistresses and is humiliated when he's sent to the psychiatric ward.  When he's released, he hopes to teach his son, Darren Hoffman, enough of the shipping business to keep Mitch's brother, Tom Fleming, from taking off with the rest of the company. 

Caged Honor

Book 6 of Honor Series


If Mitch Wilder wasn't in prison, he'd never discover the conspiracy to kill his son, Darren Hoffman.  The only way to save his life is for Mitch to kill Pete Hoffman, the man who raised Darren.  But Mitch doesn't have it in him to commit murder and searches for a way out of it.  In desperation, Mitch barters for a pen and a piece of paper, which will change his life forever.  He writes a note and gives it to a man who's about to be released, praying he'll deliver it to the right person, and on time.  It will take weeks before Mitch knows if his son is still alive...or not.

Reflections of Honor

Book 7 of Honor Series


Due to unnatural circumstances, Mitch Wilder is pardoned from prison early.  He wants to forget what he did in there, the relationships he had.  But one man haunts him, the one who looks so much like his stepbrother, Tom Fleming.  And Mitch finds that he's unable to form a serious relationship with anyone since his release.  He is confused about his own identity. 

Break in The Wind

Book 1 of In The Wind Seires


Winda escapes slavery only to face Pakwis, the Ojibwa chief, again when she needs his help.  She fears that he will want his slave back and she will lose the man she has fallen in love with.  But without his help they could be attacked by the Americans who are receiving shipments of a newer and more powerful rifle than the Brown Bess that the people in Upper Canada are using.  

Thunder in The Wind

Book 2 of In The Wind Series


Lucas Sievers spies for his country.  Known to the Americans as Angus Truitt, he infiltrates enemy camps, learning their secrets and reporting back to General Brooks.  His only goal is to find his son.  Sam had been kidnapped and sold into slavery.  After the war Lucas and his good friend Night Wind head south through hostile territory to find Sam and bring him home. 

Sails in The Wind

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