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The Pirates of Orion's Belt: Percy's Revenge by Neil. $0.99 from
A mysterious box and a disappearing tattoo are the keys to unlimited treasure, as well as the final nail in the coffin for the Trading Company, the bane of Meserplunkt and the other Pirates of Orion's Belt. When Percy returns, bent on revenge against his former captain, it becomes vital that Meserplunkt rally all pirates in the sector to defeat Percy and the Trading Company, once and for all.

Infinite Singularity by Jonathan Blasner. $4.99 from
Lost love, truth, and the eternal quest. A romance fated to be cursed, a search for resolution that becomes a national security issue, and a quest for answers that uncovers the infinite universe captured in a frozen moment in time. A picture's worth a thousand words… that was then, this is now. Dr. Michael Norton discovers a picture can easily disclose a billion worlds, if you use the right eyes.

Shadows from the past by Iokasti. $4.99 from
One sudden attack wipes almost all of Adrienne's pack. With her parents probably dead and her siblings chased by werewolves it falls upon herself to find them and keep them safe. Easy to locate them using her magic, hard to reach them in time. As it turns out, in order to escape, her brother and sister cross the borders and find themselves in another pack’s territory. A major faux pas

Leaves From the Fig Tree by Diana Duff. $3.99 from
At age 18, Diana returned to Africa from her home in Ireland. Ever one to stand up for what is right, she challenged the authorities at the height of apartheid – and won! With humour, eloquence, empathy and candour, Diana shares her return to a place from her childhood, where family truths are learned, along with the realisation that Africa has real magic all of its own.

Mary the Fairy by Dee Kyte. $0.99 from
Mary the Fairy is the short story about a friendly fairy called Mary, who lives in a shiny, red cherry. As the narrative progresses, a fun rhyme builds and builds alongside it. Educational facts are also included, together with stylised pictures drawn from the perspective of a child. This is one in a series of fun and educational books. For young readers.

The Scent of Love by Lily Monadjemi. $4.99 from
For Mohammed Amiri, recently graduated as a Doctor of Physics, his return home from France in 1938 should be a time of limitless promise - wanting only an enduring love to make it complete. But when Mohammad and Shamsi are brought together, the future arrives, still-born, in a match of two hearts that can never unite.

Love, Lies and Lunch by Delia Despair. $2.99 from
This varied, imaginative and beautifully-told collection of short stories deals with love and marriage, deceit and disappointment, vanity and jealousy, spite, cruelty, revenge and redemption, and many of them are also very funny. The author is better known to her many blog fans as Delia Despair.

Game of Backyardia by Sue Muldowney. $0.99 from
This is a story about three children playing in an imaginary world.

Double Love by Patricia Rose. $4.99 from
Recently divorced, Lindy begins a new life ahead of her in search of happiness and contentment. Despite her nursing career, her life is now met with new challenges; being a single woman,

Rings Of Guilt by V. R. Wilson. $4.99 from
With her journey to Cuba, via Paris, affected by the Icelandic Volcanic ash clouds, Jenny Moran intuitively feels her vacation will be one to remember. Whether happily, or not, she cannot tell.

Where Crows Gather by Liz Todd. $4.99 from
He sat down on one of the park benches and lifted his face to the spring sunshine. He took a deep breath.

Lllobillo: The Secret Portal by Geoff Wilson. $4.99 from
When a number of children in a quiet coastal village start to fall into comas without any recognisable cause, their concerned parents have no idea

Overcoming Your Fears by Thorpe Bello. $4.50 from
The Principle of Peaceful and A Meaningful Life This book is an empowerment tool against fear and an effective resource for mental, emotional, spiritual and physical emancipation. The truths contained in this book are founded on the integrity of God’s Word, the Bible

The Emergence of Malaterre by Stephen F. Clegg. $4.99 from
In 2006, following successive years of low rainfall, the dark and mysterious Malaterre Estate begins to resurface from the depths of a bleak northern reservoir.

Orta Evren Günlükleri - Evren Birliği by Ceyhun Özçelik. $0.99 from
Ey Kalium Oğulları! Sizi camdan yarattım, içiniz görülebilsin, içiniz dışınız bir olsun diye! Sizi kristalden yarattım, size gelen tüm kötülüğü ve iyiliği yansıtabilesiniz diye!

A Matter of Trust: (The Moore Family Series Book 2 Novella) by Alex X. Bradbury. $0.99 from
After Charlotte experiences a difficult pregnancy and birth of their son, her world starts to spin out of control. Not to mention the total rejection of her marriage and her newborn son at the hand of her mother. Kyle knows something's wrong with Charlotte but feels ill-equipped to handle it. When everything comes apart, will their marriage survive?

A Thousand Roads by John Robin. $6.99 from
He is an orphan with a love for stories, whose soul was bound to magic, before he was even born…

Finder's Gate Episode Four by Odette C. Bell. $2.99 from
Zel and Helen are thrown right back into the heart of destruction. They’re dragged back to the Hall of Doors, and this time, there will be no escape. Tune in for the thrilling final episode of the action-adventure Finder’s Gate. It is sure to please fans of Odette C. Bell’s Shattered Destiny.

Finder's Gate Episode Three by Odette C. Bell. $2.99 from
Helen has finally revealed her true powers as an Aquin Princess. What’s worse, she’s pulled them into another dimension. But it will come at a cost Zel is not willing to pay. As circumstances spiral out of control, he learns Helen’s true worth. She isn’t a find; she’s a curse.

Follow Your Star Home by Bluestocking Belles. $3.99 from
Divided sweethearts seek love and forgiveness in this collection of eight seasonal novellas.

Gongeblazn: Book 7 of the Zaftan Troubles by Hank Quense. $0.99 from
Gongeblazn is jailed through an inspired bit of treachery. Eventually he escapes, steals a ship and turns to space piracy. On his travels, he comes across Sam, now a stew-bot for a cruise line and Klatze, now a fleet commodore. Gongeblazn makes one last attempt to pay back Klatze for refusing to have sex with him. Will Gongeblazn succeed this time?

Hashtag #metoo by Komal R. $1.99 from
#METOO is a mirror to all such grudges and a healing ointment to all those blazing agonies. This book is a gentle attempt to let people know the worth of SPEAKING OUT, unbound of the time and duration of the incident. This book also blows a healing amaranthine, thus invoking the sense of completeness and well being. - Shine and Smile Always and Ever.

OverTime by Bianca Sommerland. $5.99 from
The game isn’t over. Every win has cost the Dartmouth Cobras, but one family has paid more than any to see the team succeed. Including their control over the franchise. Which means the future of the team is out of their hands.

Saving Maggie by Glenys O'Connell. $4.99 from
Maggie Kendall has a gift—or a curse: The dead cry out for her to find them. Maggie is just the sort of person Det. Joshua Tyler hates the most. Her ability incites a killer to play games with her. When the body of brutally murdered victim is identified, Maggie’s name jumps to the top of the suspect list. Will Josh join her in a race against an experienced and determined killer to save her life?

She Who Comes Forth by Audrey Driscoll. $2.99 from
Recently turned 21, France Leighton travels to Luxor, Egypt, taking with her two legacies—an antique cello and an emerald ring. Instead of the archaeological adventure she expects, she gets a lecherous dig director, hidden agendas, a risky balloon ride, and an enigmatic nuclear physicist. In the mysteries of the ancient tombs, France realizes she and her gifts may imperil the world—or save it.

Sundance 23: Apache War by Peter McCurtin. $1.99 from
An arrogant young army major was itching for war—and for a promotion. The major’s ‘enemy’, the Apache people, had been living in peace after years of bitter fighting. By the time Sundance arrived, the killing had already begun. The soldiers were out for blood and the Apaches were willing to fight to the death. Only Sundance could prevent an all-out war in the desert … if the Army would let him!

Tangled (Vampire Lovely 2) by Angelique Armae. $2.99 from
TANGLED is the second book in National Bestselling Author Angelique Armae's Vampire Lovely series. When twelve sisters inherit a clan of Irish vampires, they embark on a journey of magick, danger, and ultimately love… A dragon with a fear of flying… Falls for a witch who can’t keep her feet on the ground…

The Price by Cass Morris. $0.99 from
How much would you give, for love or power? A witch, a soldier, and a prince have all paid their own prices, in blood and heartache, to achieve their dreams. But while Tala works her charms and spells for the people of her home village, militant Jess believes her friend could use her powers to a greater purpose—if she can make peace with past pains and learn to harness her magic in a new way

Whole Lotta Sin (Rock Star Hearts #3) by Amity Cross. $3.99 from
Fame, fantasy, and fixation rear their ugly heads as Sebastian and Juniper fight for their forever. Will their love be enough to overcome a world bent on tearing them apart? Find out in Whole Lotta Sin, the third novel in the Rock Star Hearts series by Amity Cross!

Wicked Whiskey Love by Melissa Foster. $5.99 from
Fall in love with Bones Whiskey in WICKED WHISKEY LOVE, an emotionally riveting, sexy new standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster. A magnificent love story for those who enjoy fiercely loyal and insanely sexy alpha heroes, smart, sassy heroines, families, bikers, babies, and more!

The bat of stars and the salt on the lips by Theodora Oniceanu. $0.99 from
"Compact Smokes or A book for children" is the reason why this brochure-like e-book emerged. It's still about May but not only. Call this one a start of a beautiful nightmare - it did feel like a haunting moment and I did let words follow their stream of consciousness as much as I could.

Hal Spacejock Omnibus Three by Simon Haynes. $7.99 from
Contains Hal Spacejock books 7-9 plus Albion. Hal Spacejock 7: Big Bang Hal Spacejock 8: Double Trouble Hal Spacejock 9: Max Damage Hal Spacejock: Albion (A novella) Hal Spacejock Omnibus One and Hal Spacejock Omnibus Two also available.

Bonfire Night by Julian Robert Breeds. $4.99 from
A bonfire blazes in Outback Australia. Two men sit all night in its glow, commemorating their dead friend. He blew his head off with a shotgun.

Claimed by the Sea: A Novelette by Beth Powers. $0.99 from
The sea does not relinquish treasures. The mender understands and has no intention of saving the water-logged woman until he notices the islands on her arm. She is a Guardian. Guardians protect the islands. Guardians call dragons from the sky. Itziar knows this island needs a Guardian--children are being snatched under the cover of storm and darkness--but can she save them without losing herself?

MOON GIRL BOOK 1 by William Greenough. $0.99 from
Moon girl is an adaptation of the witch hunters daughter universe. The story is set during the magical revolution of 1992. follow cresant fera on another spellbinding adventior

Usual Monsters by Trevor Firetog. $3.99 from
Jane Dalby is dying. The cancer has made its home inside her head, slowly sprouting malignant tumors on her brain. Tumors that sit on her optical nerves. Tumors that cause hallucinations of dark, horrible monsters. The doctors told her it’s all in her head, and that these monsters that plague her everyday life don’t actually exist. She is only imagining them—no matter how real they might seem.

Scopa / The Cermak Hit by D. Angelo Ferri. $1.99 from
Scopa / The Cermak Hit The story is based upon an actual event, the execution of Giuseppe Zangara and his supposed assassination attempt of President Elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. Bonus Features :D’s Guide to Italian Card Games Scopa and Quindici.

Tarragon Hair by D.C. Harrell. $0.99 from
When Amma’s mother is killed by a pterodactyl-like targon on the Kongamato River, Amma drops out of high school to care for the family. Faced with dwindling resources, Amma must retreat to Grandma’s tidy match-making plans or brave the dragon that terrorized her mama. Will Amma trust to Grandma’s tradition or believe her own eyes? Got an hour? Download Tarragon Hair now and wake your inner dragon.

Hotel California by Ray Sullivan. $2.99 from
When Ricky Maggott decided to turn his back on fame and retire permanently to Hotel California he thought it was the answer to his troubles, however he soon learned that it was a mistake. Meanwhile music journalist Aiden McKie suspected the reports of Ricky's death were covering something and decided to investigate.

The Ibis Door by J.K. Stephens. $2.99 from
It's 2065; volcanoes threaten to tear Iceland in half just as the Mars Colony opens up for trade. The Space Academy wrecks Ozzie’s space-trading career, and while he’s doing damage control he encounters Freya, a firefighter from Reykjavik who is hounded by strange dreams. The problem becomes bigger, even with the help of some surprising friends, when mysterious music goes to work on them all.

Drake Take by D.C. Harrell. $0.99 from
Tungel is pregnant, and the baby’s father is absent. As her contractions escalate, way-drakes slither closer, threatening to set the house on fire. The fire dragons thirst for her baby’s blood. Tungel must flee to the river or burn alive with the child. Will her lover arrive in time to stop this drake-take? Got an hour? Download Drake Take now and quench your thirst for baptism by fire.

Time Dancers and Other Fantastical Tales by Christine E. Schulze. $2.99 from
Escape dark wizards and free cursed gargoyles. Sail with a brave captain and rescue an underwater city. Journey with a mysterious knight and a yet more mysterious star maiden. Seek the cure to a hideous plague in a forest of eternal autumn. Step inside a magic veil into another world, and through a magic mirror into another time.

Danny, Lenny And Me by sally. $3.99 from
A flesh-eating monster from outer space is ruining tourism in the Roman City; Danny, Lenny And Me are called to deal with it but there are more problems than a creature from outer space-there is Morgan le Fay, legendary witch from King Arthur's time who is returned to annihilate the Welsh nation because she failed to do it the first time she was on earth,. Danny Lenny And Me are all the Welsh have

Blizzard by Mikayla Elliot. $4.99 from
Desperate to find her niece Neva is willing to do anything to get her back, but the path she follows unveils a dark past with volatile truths, and a present intertwined with unforgiving consequences. In a race against time and dire odds, Neva embarks on a journey that will forever change the lives of those she knows and loves, as well as her own.

Ghost Hunter part II by Ludvig Solvang. $1.99 from
Why did NATO suddenly stage a totally unexpected logistics exercize, filling the small island in the Arctic with soldiers, tanks and planes? Furthermore, who killed the Russian student and bird watcher Fyodor Lawroskin? The local police chief is fumbling in the twilight, when a enigmatic American officer is stabbed to death.

Lover's Gamble by Jennifer Ann Coffeen. $1.99 from
Sophie Hartlend likes to play with fire. The reckless and beautiful Miss Sophie has spent her young life doing whatever she pleases without much consequence--except for that one night when passions went too far with the maddeningly handsome Lord Rayburn.

Red Leather Reunion by Karen Bostrom. $1.99 from
Ron Granger never expected his twenty-fifth high school reunion to bring his heart's desire one step closer to reality. But when Jane Hunter shows up unexpectedly--in a hot red leather dress, no less'Ron wonders if he'll finally get a second chance to tell her how he feels.

Looking For Henrietta by Christine Columbus. $1.99 from
His twenty-fifth high school reunion is in less than thirty days and Henry still has no date. Not willing to be the object of his classmates? sympathy after his divorce, he turns to an online dating service for help. But things aren't looking good. Rita has been there for Henry for a long time, hoping their relationship might change, but he only sees her as his friend the bartender. Now Henry has

Promises, Promises by Silver James. $1.99 from
Betrayed former society wife Kelly Kincaid only wants to make things right. Paying off her ex-husband's debt of honor is tough when a minimum-wage job back in her hometown is the only one she can find. Could the answer to her problems be right in front of her? The moment pub owner Michael Doogan sees Summerville High School's former golden girl at the train station, he loses his heart. Again. He'

Chronicles of the Black Hand: Forfront by Nicholas Dixon. $17.00 from
What they find is the dealings of the sea captain with dark forces, forces they will soon have to confront over three hundred years latter. Charley and his friends do not know what they are getting themselves into.

Intriguing Love by Christus Ebenezer. $3.00 from
A love book like none you've seen before that would change the way you feel and think about love.

Divider - A Fantasy-Adventure Novel by Horia Stoian. $2.99 from
When the creators saw that magic can't coexist with science, they divided the world into two parts to protect the land they created. One remained a realm of magic known as Lahinia, and the other became Earth; the world of technology and logic. With both of them facing extinction, young Annabelle learns that worlds are conected and has to decide if she will sacrifice her life to save everyone.

The Devil's Field by Robin Porecky. $4.99 from
Magnus Trygg, temporarily in charge of the High Coast district, is called out to a body with a knife in its back. August Frisk, who alerted him, insists he's never seen the man before, and the others living there agree.

The Birth Of A Mystical Man by Dr Joe Owusu-Agyemang. $7.99 from
The story of Osei Betumi in this book is based upon a mystical and supernatural character called Osei Boa-Amanfi. Osei Boa-Amanfi was the superman of ‘Gold Coast’ now Ghana many years ago. The story has been created through a myth; however, some of the names used are true or real names in Ghana. The story in this book is part of a series as follows:

Destiny's Call by Rebekah Lyn. $4.99 from
Jessie Cole has relentlessly pursued his dream of becoming a member of the elite astronaut corps. Now, an officer in the U.S. Navy and an ace pilot, he can almost taste success. The distraction of love is not a part of his plan and he fights his attraction to no one, but two beautiful redheads-one past, one present.

Devouring Dark by Alan Baxter. $4.99 from
Matt McLeod is plagued by a malevolent darkness. After a lifetime battling for control over it, he’s learned to wield his skill to achieve an odious goal: retribution as a supernatural vigilante. When a hit goes bad, he finds himself caught between a corrupt cop and a brutal mobster. His only salvation may be a bewitching woman who shares his dark talent but has murderous designs of her own.

Eternity - Blood Courtesans by Tami Lund. $0.99 from
I wanted to find myself, so I became a Blood Courtesan to vampires, where blood and sex are money and humans are sold to the highest bidder. Instead, I found love. And then he cut me loose. So I ran away to Jamaica to forget him. Now I’ve stumbled into a world far worse than the Blood Courtesan circuit. And the only one who can save me is the one who swore he loved me too much to keep me.

Heroes Together by Alquir Black. $1.66 from
Devastation has taken over Paris, the seven artefacts are together now, announcing the end. The Fallen knows he will have to stand strong or lose the war. Alquir Black presents Heroes United’s darkest chapter, the event that will change the fate of our planet forever. The final hope to save our planet seems improbable. Upon this battle depends the survival of humankind

Of Another Time and Place by Brad Schaeffer. $9.99 from
While on a brief leave home from the deadly skies of World War II, a decorated German flying ace must decide between conscience and country when his courageous fiancé reveals her potentially deadly secret she's been keeping right under the nose of the SS.

Shadow Warriors by Nathan B. Dodge. $5.99 from
"Cal’s father is a drunk. Letty’s rich parents fight all the time. Tony lived on the streets with his mother until she died. Opi’s stepmother wants her huge inheritance. Sasha’s foster family is abusive. Kidnapped by aliens, they must train as the crew of a galactic fighter to combat an enemy that threatens the entire Milky Way.

Skating On Chance by Susan Scott Shelley. $0.99 from
A hockey defenseman and the one man he can't make himself forget... Will their second shot at love be a game-winner or ring hollow off the post?

The Inquisitor's Niece by Erika Rummel. $5.99 from
Alonso and Luisa love each other. However there are a few obstacles to their happiness: the husband she was forced to marry; her uncle, the Regent of Spain; and Alonso’s heritage as a Jew. Mix in those whose loyalty is always to the highest bidder, and you have a story of a courageous couple determined to be happy together, no matter what.

The Promise of the Bells by Elizabeth Ellen Carter. $2.99 from
Childhood sweethearts Richard Whiting and Catherine 'Cat' Swanston meet again and try to solve the mystery of her missing father, Lord Ambrose. A retelling of Dick Whittington set in Regency London. One of the stories in the A Legend to Love series.

This Guy's in Love by Kathryn Shay. $3.99 from
Follow these two likeable people as they navigate new territory for them both. Emotional and tender moments along with sexual tension that’s off the charts are the hallmarks of this gripping book.

Trump Vs. Cthulhu by Mike Hock. $7.99 from
In the darkest of times, an oppressed loner decided to stand against all odds. Conquering an evil that had plagued mankind for too long. This savior was none other than Cthulhu. From the depths of the ocean, he rose. To vanquish the God Emperor and restore balance to all the world, even if it meant succumbing the universe to ten thousands years of darkness.

Undaunted by Rebekah Lyn. $4.99 from
The morning Alan Shepherd rocketed into the sky to become the first American astronaut in space, changed everything for Jessie Cole, a 10-year-old boy living in the shadow of America’s fledgling space program. “One day, I am going to ride one of those rockets,” he declares to his skeptical brothers. Jessie, determined and passionate about his dream, falls prey to disillusionment as his family life

I Do Remember by Martin Elias Dzengah. $7.99 from
As I ran to the mountain side, I heard the bussing of Helicopters deafeningly filling the sky. Looking back, I saw three helicopters flying at a very low level, approaching our village. The liberation war had intensified. One dropped armed paratroopers while the other two, foot soldiers.

Taking Chances by Aria Glazki. $2.99 from
Liz Anne is determined to make it country music—and get away from the judgmental whispers of her hometown. So when professional guitarist Bobby offers some free lessons, she jumps at the chance to build a better life. But Liz Anne has a secret. And if Bobby ever found out, he'd run the other way—taking with him her chance of building a better life. Taking Chances is a sweet standalone novella.

The Planner's Utopia by Stephen Measure. $0.99 from
The planner zealously maintains absolute equality amongst the citizens under his control. But when a free woman invades his warehouse paradise, he must act decisively before she ruins everything. "It’s better for all to have none than for some to have more." (Also available in the short story collection "The Wrong Sort of Stories".)

Forced to Marry by Bella Breen. $8.99 from
Forced to marry...even though they hate each other. Elizabeth Bennet has just refused Mr. Darcy's disastrous marriage proposal at Hunsford. Unfortunately, while strolling on the grounds of Rosing Park, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth find themselves hopelessly compromised — in full view of Mr. Collins, Col. Fitzwilliam and two society mavens!

Icefall by Stephanie Gunn. $3.70 from
The Mountain on the planet of Icefall holds the mystery to a lost colony and an irresistible, fatal allure to the climbers of the universe. Maggie is determined to be the first to make the summit. Aisha, injured in a climbing incident herself, has always supported her wife, trusting Maggie would always return from her adventures. But no one ever returns from the Mountain.

Kiss Me, Mr. Hitchcock by Miss Mae. $3.99 from
What's a girl got to do to get a guy to kiss her? A guy who's new in town. Who flashes a practiced lady-killer smile. Who drives a dashing Porsche. Maybe she shouldn't confront him with a baseball bat. Or get herself locked with him in a library basement. Or get him involved in a feud with an old boyfriend. But then again, maybe she should.

The Trail To Fairplay by Terrell Brown. $2.99 from
Short Description The Trail To Fairplay His parents gone, young Nate Boswell leaves post-Civil War Missouri in search of a livelihood. After a misadventure in the Arkansas Ozarks, he’s hired onto a Texas outfit driving cattle to Colorado. The trail to Fairplay, Colorado, initiates him into the violence of the frontier West and brings him to a discovery of the missing roots of his family.

Murder at Minter’s Cursed Doll Shop by Nikki Henley. $3.99 from
If evil comes knocking don't sell it a death curse. Nicole Scott possesses a unique gift. She can see and hear ghosts. Evidence points to her aunt the curse wielder. Nicole disagrees, but talking to the victim is out of the question, they can’t remember their last moments. A black magic curse, or plain old fashioned murder, this whodunit begins Nicole’s unofficial career as an amateur sleuth.

GR2 - Kidnapped by Ron Crouch. $1.52 from
Grandpa Ramsbottom and his grandson Timothy set out for a camping adventure in Algonquin Park, Ontario. Follow Timothy as tests his outdoor navigating skills to find his Grandpa who has mysteriously disappeared.